Total Body Detoxification
Total Body Detoxification
Total Body Detoxification
Total Body Detoxification
Total Body Detoxification
Total Body Detoxification
Total Body Detoxification
Total Body Detoxification

Total Body Detoxification

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The first step to achieving overall health is detoxification. Our unique Total Body Detoxification formula works to rid harmful toxins from every system and organ in the body. No matter the desired outcome, this supplement will help your body bind to, chelate, and release heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, fungi, viral pathogens, mold, radiation, and more while reducing inflammation and opening elimination pathways.

Eradicating toxins from your system with the Total Body Detoxification will:

  • Reverse Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Detox Additives from Vaccination
  • Reduce Painful Bloating
  • Support Digestion and Gut Health
  • Revitalize Energy Levels
  • Enhance Mental Clarity
  • Reduce Brain Fog
  • Clear Skin and Balance Hormones
  • Improve Detoxification Through Liver
  • Support Healthy Kidneys
  • Detox the Lymph and Circulatory System
  • Address the Root Cause of Most Chronic Disease

As a dietary supplement, adults take two (2) capsules one time daily away from food, supplements, and medicines or as directed by a healthcare professional.

You can view our full Total Body Detoxification protocol here.

key benefits


Detoxifies the digestive, liver, lymphatic, and circulatory systems by binding to, chelating, and eliminating heavy metals, mold, chemicals, radiation, and other toxins.


Helps clear skin and hormonal acne from the inside out by pulling stored toxicity from tissues and supporting hormone pathways


Prepares and cleanses the body before and after a vaccination without decreasing vaccine potency through the Vaccine Detoxification Protocol.

Why Detox?

We live in a highly toxic world. Endocrine disruptors, cancer-causing chemicals, and hidden toxins all around us wreak havoc to our bodies. While our livers, kidneys, skin, and lungs are consistently working to eradicate the contaminants that accrue, the modern toxins we face are foreign to them. The disciplined individuals among us understand that helping our biological systems detox is crucial to a disease-free life. Some indulge in cleanses, water fasts, and enemas to routinely release these accumulated toxins. But for the majority, this is not enough. There are key nutrients that our organs need to accurately detoxify, and with the modern Western diet, we are not getting enough of them.

With this in mind, bōhdi Total Body Detoxification was developed. Bōhdi’s unique ingredients are mindfully chosen to thoroughly cleanse every system in the human body. 


Our ingredients are always 100% natural, third-party tested, and sustainably sourced. Our Total Body Detoxification is gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Total Body Detoxification can be used for a Total Body Cleanse, as a Vaccine Detox, or as needed. Please check our Usage and Protocols page for more details.

On any detox protocol it is normal for your symptoms to get slightly worse before they get better. As you eliminate inflammatory foods from your diet and begin to release toxicity with TBD, your body may go through withdrawal symptoms as heavy metals are pulled out of your tissues. These normal withdrawal symptoms may include fatigue, headaches, body aches, nausea, brain fog and irritability. Acne or skin irritation may occur because the skin is a major exit pathway for toxicity.

Usually these uncomfortable, but sometimes necessary, symptoms will pass within a few days to a week. Make sure to keep your body moving and sweating, which will help minimize these symptoms.

While on Total Body Detoxification we suggest taking hormonal birth control at the opposite time of day, as the supplement has powerful detoxification effects. (If birth control is consumed in the morning we suggest taking TBD at night and vice versa.) Any form of hormonal birth control may not be as potent while on Total Body Detoxification and we suggest taking extra caution during the detox.

Absolutely not. This supplement is formulated to help reduce inflammation and support your immune and detox systems as the shot runs its course, helping to mitigate side effects and cellular damage. We understand and validate the opinions of all who decide to receive this inoculation. We are here to support you through your journey.

Total Body Detoxification may react poorly with blood-thinning medications or diuretics. Please consult with your doctor prior to use if you are on medication.

Yes! Bohdi Total Body Detox encompasses a broken-down form of Selenium called Selenomethionine. This ingredient tends to be odorous. All is normal.

Total Body Detoxification is not intended for long-term everyday use. The supplement is best used for periods of two weeks or as needed. Please view our Usage and Protocols page for details.

Total Body Detoxification is intended for use in individuals ages 18+.

All ingredients used at bōhdi are 100% natural and sourced from small suppliers in the United States.

Our supplements are 100% Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Sugar Free. We stand by the values of Holistic and Naturopathic Medicine which believe in ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties.

Our supplements are manufactured in an FDA registered facility and are cGMP certified. We third party test every batch of product to ensure the highest quality standards.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kelsey Abrams
heavy metal cleanse

used this for heavy metal cleanse for mercury and drank it with celery juice in the morning. it worked

mold clearance

used this as a binder after mold exposure. followed detox protocol and mold labs came back much better!

Changed my digestion

I can not say how much this binder has changed my digestion. I take 2 in the morning and it helps my bloat so much