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We are bōhdi (pronounced “body”), a modern herbal supplement label designed to address the root causes of disease in the modern world. At bōhdi, we know the best healing occurs when our biological systems are at equilibrium. That’s why we’ve created natural all-in-one formulas that influence each system to detox, rebalance and regenerate. Rooted in science and herbal tradition, our mission is to provide clean, high-quality, and potent blends that serve a purpose.


Reneé Moussa is a certified Integrative Health Practitioner specializing in combining multidisciplinary Eastern and Western based modalities into one. Using state-of-the-art Functional Medicine, Ayurveda, Herbalism, Chinese Medicine, and Traditional Naturopathy, Reneé works to discover the root causes of imbalance and chronic disease in the body to optimize health. In her practice, Renee does not believe in most chronic conditions. What she does believe, is the presence of underlying imbalance stemming from deficiencies & toxicities that when rebalanced allow for true healing to take place in the body.

Humble beginnings

In her early 20s, Reneé began to struggle with a countless number of chronic health symptoms - the most prominent being hair loss, brain fog, bloating and anxiety. After visiting countless doctors and specialists, she was given only one option: beginning birth control, spironolactone, and a very restrictive diet to mitigate her symptoms. Reneé knew this could not be the only answer, and began her quest for the truth behind her symptoms. After thorough research and a visit with a naturopathic doctor, Reneé found that her symptoms were caused by heavy metal toxicity, hormonal imbalances, and overgrowths in her gut microbiome. Reneé healed herself naturally, created bōhdi to allow others to heal themselves with the same formulas she used.

our philosophy

Our philosophy lies in this truth: that to truly rebalance the human body we must go back to her roots. bōhdi Total Body Detoxification was born out of a gap in the supplement industry – where products were missing the point of consumption in the first place. To fill this gap, we’ve created a product that truly enhances the body’s innate ability to heal with natural and organic ingredients, superior quality standards, and a potent and absorbable herbal formula with no artificial additives or preservatives, ever.

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