Total Body Detoxification Protocol

Why Do You Need a Total Body Detox?

We live in a highly toxic world. Endocrine disruptors, cancer-causing chemicals, and hidden toxins all around us wreak havoc to our bodies. While our livers, kidneys, skin, and lungs are consistently working to eradicate the contaminants that accrue, the modern toxins we face – especially with the consistent and new vaccinations – are foreign to them.

The disciplined individuals among us understand that helping our biological systems detox is crucial to a disease-free life. Some indulge in cleanses, water fasts, and enemas to routinely release these accumulated toxins. But for the majority, this is not enough. There are key nutrients that our organs need to accurately detoxify, and with the modern Western diet, we are not getting enough of them. With this in mind, bōhdi Total Body Detoxification was developed.

"In a healthy body, the process of detoxification runs smoothly," Mark Hyman, M.D., functional medicine doctor and New York Times bestselling author, told mbg. "When you become toxic, the mechanism for detoxification in the liver gets sluggish, and certain toxins can remain active longer than we want or than our systems can handle. This makes us sick and impedes normal metabolism. It also causes fluid retention, bloat, and puffiness."

Understanding this, assisting the vital organ and other detoxification systems in the body only seems necessary. Although we are unable to control our exposure to all chemicals, toxins and pollutants in the modern day, we have control over strategic dietary shifts, lifestyle enhancements and supplementation that counteract their effects and lighten our overall toxic load.Read on to our 2 Week Total Body Detoxification Protocol below.

Which Toxins Are We Concerned About?

A toxin is a chemical substance which may have damaging and negative health effects.. Toxins can emerge from almost anywhere, such as our environment, our food and water, our products, and metabolic processes that occur in our bodies. The three main types of toxins that affect our bodies. These are environmental toxins, lifestyle toxins, and endogenous toxins.

Environmental toxins are substances that we are exposed to through the air we breathe, water we drink, and soil our food is grown in. Examples like auto exhaust, air pollutants, pesticides, and PCBs cycle through the air, water and soil and are linked to dangerous health conditions such as cancer and diabetes. Mold is another environmental toxin that can wreak havoc to the human body.

Lifestyle Toxins refer to any harmful toxins found in food or products that are used in our lifestyles. In terms of ingestion, artificial food additives, alcohol, food colorings, caffeine, meats treated with antibiotics and hormones, and inflammatory foods contain extreme toxicity that we may not be aware we are exposed to. Our personal use products such as our lotions, deodorants, toothpastes, shampoo / conditioners / body soaps and other skincare products leak chemical toxins like fluoride, fragrance parfum, parabens, sulfates, aluminum, mineral oils, BHA, BHT, DMDM hydantoin, and formaldehyde into the body daily and chronically. Exposure to these not only increases toxic load, but damages the endocrine system (hormones) and increases cancer and disease risks significantly.

Endogenous toxins are products of the metabolic processes within our bodies. Different pathogens which exist in our bodies can create toxic waste that lessen the function of our organs and our body. A prime example of this is Candida, a yeast that causes severe fungal infection when overgrown in the intestinal system. Candida has become a common cause of toxicity in the human population.

Signs You May Need a Detox

You crave sugar often.
You're always tired or "foggy."
You're frequently constipated.
You have seasonal allergies.
You eat healthy, but don't feel healthy.
Your skin isn't clear.
Your skin is itchy.
You have joint pain.
You're overweight.
You're sensitive to chemicals, smells, or medications.
You have bad body odor.
You're stressed, anxious or depressed.
You're resistant to weight loss.
You have frequent mood swings.
You have bad breath.
You experience frequent gas and bloating.

Disorders Linked to Heavy Metal Toxicity

Many types of metal are crucial for our health, such as iron and magnesium. But many others, such as mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, bromine, and aluminum can be extremely toxic and dangerous. In the modern age of 2021 we are unfortunately ingesting these metals daily, as our air, food, and water supplies have been contaminated. Chronic exposure to these heavy metals may lead to a condition called heavy metal toxicity, which may lead to or exacerbate many health conditions. These conditions can include, but are not limited to:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
High Blood Pressure
Psychiatric Disorders
Neurological Diseases
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Parkinson’s Disease
Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS)

What are the Benefits of a Detoxification?

Embarking on a complete two week detoxification protocol can lead to:

1. Weight loss. Toxins are harmful to the tissues that make our bodies. Our intelligent systems understand this, and have a built-in mechanism to trap excess toxicity in our fat cells. Therefore, as our bodies build up toxicity, our fat cells grow as well. As we eliminate toxins through a detox, our fat cells shrink, meaning stubborn weight and cellulite may finally be released.

2. Increased energy. Toxicity means lower mitochondrial function, and less energy. As toxicity is detoxed, energy levels rise and shine!

3. Joint pain relief. Removing inflammatory foods from the diet such as gluten, dairy, processed sugar, soy, and corn while supplementing with anti-inflammatory herbs and antioxidants rids the body of inflammation which is the root cause of most joint pain.

4. Enhanced digestion. Consuming a diet of whole, clean foods, including many vegetables, allows the digestive system to work more efficiently as it is supported with more nutrients and fiber. This encourages the digestive system to create more enzymes and regular bowel movements.

5. Stronger immunity. Removing the toxic load that hides in the body strengthens the immune system, allowing the natural processes to better fight off bacteria and viruses before they turn into illnesses.

6. Reduced cravings. Removing processed, hyperpalatable and addictive foods from your diet for even a few days begin to change your taste buds. As a result, sugar and junk food cravings are replaced with a desire for healthier, more nourishing foods.

7. Stabilized mood. Eliminating the toxic load, caffeine and sugar while loading up on nutrient-rich, high-fiber foods and bōhdi Total Body Detoxification helps stabilize the blood sugar which balances and calms the nervous system.

8. Clearer skin – the skin is a primary channel of elimination and directly reflects the internal environment. As your system eliminates toxicity with a cleanse, your skin will appear smoother, more vibrant and youthful.

9. Improved sleep. A strong toxic load can damage the circadian rhythm of the body, ruining sleep patterns. A total body detox helps to reset the brain and hormonal system which promotes deeper, more restorative sleep.

10. Sharper mind. Heavy metals and toxicity impair both mental and physical function. As you remove them from the system, brain fog lifts while memory, mental clarity and focus improve.

Total Body Detoxification Protocol

1. Supplementation

How to take the bōhdi Total Body Detoxification supplement:

2 Capsules, 1 Time Daily in the AM with 12 ounces of water. Best taken on an empty stomach 1-2 hours away from food, supplements, or medicines for periods of two weeks. We recommend using this supplement two weeks on, two weeks off for 60 days. (Two rounds total).

Keep thoroughly hydrated throughout each day with spring water and coconut water.

2. Total Body Detoxification Diet Plan

We recommend a 60 day detox to clean up your diet, reset your system and support your body through the detoxification process. Foods that add to the toxic load are removed to relieve stress on the body so the body can focus on cleaning the heavy metals/toxins out.

We recommend removing gluten, refined sugar, red meat, dairy, eggs, corn, soy and alcohol, while introducing 7-9 cups of fruits and vegetables a day. Stay away from processed and inflammatory foods. If it comes in a package, consider it off limits.

Each day should include lots of cleansing fruits (berries, dragon fruit, papaya), cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, watercress, cauliflower, arugula, radish, brussel sprouts, cabbage, mustards, bok choy), asparagus, sprouts, lemon and ginger.

Keep your protein portion to 20% of total food consumption a day, sticking to easy to digest foods such as wild fish, organic/pastured chicken and turkey, lentils and chickpeas.

It is important to add healthy fats to your diet during a detoxification protocol. Because heavy metals are attracted to fat, we add a healthy source to help transport them out of the body, or else they may end up in your tissue or brain. Healthy sources of fat include avocado, coconut, ghee and olives. These are not limited to oils, but the foods themselves.

We always recommend you make sure you are eating non-GMO and organic options, especially during this time.

3. The Importance of Nightly Fasting During a Detox

Ideally, we recommend a13 hour overnight fast between 6:30 PM and 7:30 AM and a weekly fast of 24 hoursduring detoxification. This is crucial to the body’s elimination and hormonal systems. Fasting not only allows the colon to eliminate toxins, but also puts the body into a mode calledAutophagy.Autophagy is a biological process that removes the body’s accumulated toxins and recycles damaged cell components. When your body does not have a surplus of food coming in, it is going to look to clean house on the inside and burn any waste it finds as potential fuel.For this fuel, the body will destroy necrotic (diseased) tissue,by programming death in bacterial cells, viral cells, cancer cells, and pathogens. In turn, fasting and entering a state of Autophagy willclean fatty liver, boost innate immune TH1, work to reverse Type II Diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases, and cleanse the system of any toxic load from food, medications, vaccinations and the environment.*

*If you struggle with hypoglycemia, do not partake in fasting.

Daily - The 13 Hour Overnight Fast

  • Ideally 6:30 PM - 7:30 AM
  • Essentially do not eat for 13 hours after the last meal
  • The last meal should end around 6:30 PM
  • You may drink water or water with lemon during overnight fast
  • The overnight fast should not be broken with caffeine, rather may be broken with berries, protein, healthy fat and vegetables

Once a Week - The 24 Hour Fast

  • Begin this once accomplishing the 13 hour overnight fast
  • Ideally begins Sunday night, 6:30 PM, breaking the fast at 6:30 PM on Monday night
  • During the fast, only drink liquids such as water, water with lemon, green juice with no fruit, or non-caffeinated herbal tea
  • During the winter, we recommend drinking only fresh ginger tea during your 24 hour fast to help with moving the lymph, cleansing the kidneys, and detoxing the liver by providing heat for the body

4. Remove Chemical Toxins From Your Daily Life

Your body can’t heal if it’s being bombarded with other toxins. Start by removing all the chemicals in your everyday life. Swap your personal products, cookware, household cleaners, laundry detergents and other commonly used items for cleaner versions.

Pay attention to chemicals, preservatives and additives in your personal products such as shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, body wash, lotions, perfumes and hair care products.

5. Chiropractic Adjustments, Infrared Saunas, Detox Baths, Lymphatic Massages, and Exercise

Don’t skip your chiropractic appointments during your detox. Chiropractors keep your nervous system working and your body functioning. Your nervous system is the signaling system that tells your body what to do, including those important organs that help the detoxification process. An adjustment is another way to decrease inflammation that can inhibit the detox process.

During your detox it is important to be sweating and keeping your blood moving. Techniques like infrared sauna, lymphatic massage, exercise and a detox bath can assist your body in opening detox pathways.

It is recommended to use an infrared sauna as often as possible in the duration of your cleanse. Infrared heat opens your detoxification pathways on one of the deepest levels possible, allowing proper elimination of toxins and heavy metals. We recommend using the sauna daily/every other day during detoxification, or as often as possible for intervals of 30-45 minutes.

Detox Baths work closely with Infrared Sauna benefits. If you do not have access to an infrared sauna, this bath will work nicely as well. Sitting in a detox bath of Epsom Salt, Bentonite Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar will draw toxins out of the body through the skin. We recommend taking a detox bath 3x per week during the detoxification period.

Lymphatic Massage helps move toxins out of your muscles and tissues into the lymphatic system. This is a technique you may perform yourself or by a professional. We recommend performing lymphatic massage before/during an infrared sauna session.

Exercise is a critical aspect of any detoxification protocol. By keeping blood and lymphatic circulation steady, toxicity is more able and likely to exit the system. We recommend walking 10,000 steps a day as a baseline of exercise during detoxification.


The above Total Body Detoxification Protocol is a personal plan that is shared for informational purposes only. This protocol does not intend to treat, diagnose or cure disease. Please speak with your physician prior to beginning a detox.