It's time to take back your health.

Everything you need for total body detoxification, all in one natural capsule.

Get to the root of your problems with the bōhdi Total Body Detoxification

Improve Gut Health & Fight Bloat
Cleanse from Heavy Metals
Clear Skin & Support Hormones
Reverse & Prevent Tiresome Symptoms
Release Years of Toxic Overload
Detox from Vaccinations

Toxicity No More

Detoxification is the first step to addressing the root cause of your symptoms.


100% Natural

3rd Party Tested

Sustainably Sourced

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Sugar Free

Soy Free

About Us

We are bōhdi, a modern herbal supplement label designed to address the root causes of disease in the modern world.

Rooted in science and herbal tradition, our mission is to provide clean, high-quality, and potent blends that serve a purpose. That’s why we’ve created natural all-in-one formulas that influence each system to detox, rebalance and regenerate.

We're here to support you where western medicine can't.

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